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The Dorchester Lottery (the "Lottery") will be promoted and administered by Dorchester Town Community Football Club Limited (The Club).

The Lottery is promoted in furtherance of the aim to raise funds for the Club and local good causes. The Lottery promoter reserves the right to photograph winners or use winners names for publicity purposes.

The Lottery is registered with the Dorset Council under the Gambling Act 2005. Registration Number SL0230. The Promoter and promoters address:

David Ring
8 High Trees

Telephone number 01305 267623

Email address

All policy matters will be undertaken by the Board, who will meet not less than four times a year. All operational matters will be undertaken by the Manager, appointed by the Board of the Board and accountable to them on any matters relating to the Lottery, the entrants or the draw.

The proceeds will be distributed as follows: 50% of the total will go directly into the prize fund.

40% will be donated to Dorchester Town Football Club.

10% to the Fortuneswell Cancer Trust.

Entry can be paid for in cash either directly or to a regisdtered agent who collects in your area or by standing order mandate, postal order or cheque. The lottery is open to all members of the public over the age of 16, The price of a Lottery number is £5 per calendar month.

New participants who wish to pay by standing Order Mandate, Cheque or Postal Order must complete an application form with payment details, which must be forwarded to The Dorchester Lottery, Dorchester Town Community Football Club, the Avenue Stadium, Weymouth Avenue, Dorchester DT1 2RY. Entries received into The Lottery office will be sent confirmation of entry stating the player's name and address (as per application form), Lottery Reference Number and date of entry into the draw.

Subscribers will not be entered into the draw until a payment has been received.
Non-payment will invalidate an entry. Non-payment includes circumstances where:
the standing order has been cancelled by the account holder, the standing order has not been paid by the bank for any reason, cash has not been collected, the cheque/postal order entry has not been renewed.
In the event of any variance between a subscribers payments and lottery records, evidence of payment into the Lottery may be required.

Refunds will only be given where an error has been made by The Lottery.

The Monthly prizes shall be payable by cheque. The cheques will be made payable to the name of the winning players as per the entry recorded by the Lottery database. The Dorchester Lottery reserves the right to change the size of the prizes with adequate publicity/notification.
Prizes do not have to be claimed, members of The Board will contact winners.

Company Ceases to Trade
The Board reserves the right to stop the lottery at any time. In this event, the monthly draw will take place for a maximum of 2 months.
All active players at the date of decision to cease the Lottery will be notified accordingly, in writing. Any prepayments beyond the last draw will be refunded.

Cancellation of an entry is at the responsibility of the player or in the event of death, their estate.
It is the responsibility of each player to notify The Lottery of any change in banking and personal details.

The Draw
The draw will be undertaken by any third party and administered and witnessed by Board board members, using a random number generator. Board members of The Board will perform the draw if it is not practically possible for an independent representative to do so.

Whenever possible, the draw will take place on the last Saturday of the month equating to 12 required draws per annum. (Players will be given notice if any change of date to the draw is required).

In the event of an error, the lottery for that week will be declared void and a fresh lottery shall take place within 48 hours of the original being declared void.

The Board of Directors of the Board are the judges in the event of any error in the draw, multiple draws having to take place and/or any query as to the outcome of the draw. The decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into concerning the allocation and eventual amount of prizes.
The purchase of a chance in the lottery implies acceptance of the scheme and its rules and conditions. Signature of the application form by the player shall be taken as agreement to the terms & conditions.


Dorchester Town FC is the trading name of Dorchester Town Community Football Club Limited.
Registered with the FCA under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies act 2014 as a Community Benefit Society
Registration Number 7128
Registered Office: Dorchester Town Football Club, weymouth Avenue, Dorchester DT12RY.